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Batik Sakera is a social-based business that preserves hand-written batik, empowers hand-written batik artisans, with the aim of shaping the younger generation’s love for the authenticity of hand-written batik. Our apparel products exclusively use authentic hand-written batik, with a current focus on batik motifs from Madura Island. Our plan to expand our portfolio involves exploring various regions in East Java. Determined to become an authentic hand-written batik brand recognized in Indonesia and internationally, Batik Sakera is committed to making a mark as a leader in the batik industry.

Batik Sakera is committed to providing market feedback and guidance to the artisans, so that they can produce batik that matches consumers’ desires and interests. As our sales grow, we believe the artisans can enjoy a sustainable income stream, support more individuals to acquire batik skills, and positively affect their financial situation and livelihood. We take an active role in promoting Batik to build and preserve the rich culture of Madura in particular, and Indonesian culture in general. Batik Sakera, as a small startup, has big ambitions. Financial support is highly expected to enable adequate production for commercial sales, as well as to strengthen the launch of our brand with optimal effectiveness.


To become a pioneering force in preserving, developing, and elevating Batik textiles as a cherished cultural heritage of Indonesia.​

  1. Strengthen efforts to preserve authentic Batik artistry.
  2. Empower Batik craftsmen through training and support initiatives.
  3. Foster community among Batik craftsmen for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  4. Exposure of Batik beauty and values on a global scale.
  5. Distribution of high-quality Batik products to local and international markets.
  6. Enhance the livelihoods of Batik craftsmen through fair and sustainable partnerships.
  7. Build awareness amongst young generations about the importance of preserving and appreciating Batik as part of Indonesia’s rich cultural legacy.


Gallery Batik Sakera Apartemen Sakura Cipayung, Jakarta Timur 2022

Pameran di INACRAFT JCC 2022

Pameran di INACRAFT JCC 2022 

Pameran di Aston Grogol Jakarta 2022  

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