Batik as a Culture

05 July 2018 - Kategori Blog

Batik can be seen from two sides. On the one hand, Batik is an expression of the pride of the nation’s cultural icons in general, and the Madurese in particular. On the other hand, batik is a potential commodity for economic devlopment of society. Therefore there should be serious and sustained effort to devlop it. Withing this context, as a first step needs to be raised awareness, attention, and appreciation of all parties to this batik. It turned out positive community response seems to grow.

Lately almost every strategic corner in Pamekasan is often found painting with batik motifs. They are painted on the walls of houses or shops, alley gates, busy roads, potted flowers, shade trees and even telephone poles or street lights. People paint using batik motifs in all open space can be painted. Pamekasan, not only in cities but also in sub-districs are decorated with batik nowadays. This phenomenon can be used as a measure that Pamekasan society show a high appreciation of Madura batik.

Therefore, I strongly appluad, proud as well as providing a very high appreciation to the author’s of ”Pamekasan Membatik “. I hope this book can enrich the repertory of public knowladge about the Madura batik.

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