Batik Di Pamekasan

05 July 2018 - Kategori Blog

In Pamekasan, batik industry is the domestic handicraft business. This business was undertaken as a sideline, while they continue to rely on a core business as a farmer. All the more when the tobacco growing season which is the mainstay crop for farmers in Pamekasan, they prefer to plant tobacco than to work batik. So working batik activies practically halted or at least dropped sharply for a while. Despite this does not occur too long, however, it is a nuisance for the development of batik.

The skills of working batik in the environment of batik community, passed down from generation to generation. Childern follow their parents in working batik until they reach the skilled level. The skill of working batik is not through some sort of special training courses.

In line with hereditary skills of working batik, the batik motifs evolve according to the location themselves. Therefore, it is known types of batik Banyumasan Batik in Pemekasan. There are also Klampar Batik, Toket Batik Candiburung Batik, Toronan Batik, Bedung Batik, Podhek Batik dan many others.

The effort to improve the quality of batik design is also done by inviting designers from Surabaya to develop the batik workers in Pamekasan.

The location of batik handicraft in Pamekasan spreads across 11 districts, with the highest number in Proppo. Why Proppo has batik population large enough may be linked to the history of the kingdom in Pamekasan that are on record numerous in Proppo such as the Kingdom of Parupuh, or Jambringin and many others. Batik according to historical records came from the palace.

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