Green Long Coat Abstract


The abstract batik long coat is an elegant blend of classic style and modern touch in the fashion world. The coat is adorned with alluring abstract batik motifs, creating a unique and classy look. The carefully selected colors in the abstract batik design create visual harmony, giving an artistic and striking impression.

Details :

  • Size XXL
  • Garment Length : 89 cm
  • Chest Width         : 104 cm
  • Sleeve Length      : –
  • Item no. BSAWHGR00002
  • Our model (167 cm / 5’6”)

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High-quality materials are used to make this long coat, giving it a soft and comfortable touch when worn. The long cut gives a luxurious and formal feel, suitable for various special occasions such as official events, parties, or business meetings. Not only is this coat a great choice for everyday style, but it is also a symbol of classy style and presents the nuances of Indonesian culture through the unique art of batik.

With an abstract batik long coat, you are not only wearing an outfit, but also a work of art that reflects the beauty and richness of cultural heritage. Each abstract batik pattern gives an exclusive touch of personality, so you can look stunning while preserving and appreciating the beauty of Indonesian traditions.

Additional information


100% Cotton


Abstract Batik

Batik Care Guide

To preserve the quality and vibrant colors of batik clothing, use a mild detergent or consider natural cleansers like "lerak" or shampoo. Wash batik items in cold water, turn them inside out, and air-dry in a shaded area to prevent color fading. Avoid using a dryer, and store batik clothing in a well-ventilated space, minimizing direct exposure to perfume. These simple steps ensure the longevity and timeless appeal of your batik garments.

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