Orange Pucuk Kembang


This women’s semi jas is a stunning work of art, combining the traditional elegance and beauty of premium classic batik or original handwritten batik with high quality. Made entirely from quality cotton fibers, this semi jas brings a soft touch and comfort, while the elegant and deep batik motifs give it an undeniable sense of elegance.

Details :

  • Size M
  • Garment Length : 85 cm
  • Chest Width         : 100 cm
  • Sleeve Length      : 58 cm
  • Item no. BSTWFOR00003
  • Our model (167 cm / 5’6”)

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Each piece of batik in this semi jas is the work of expert artisans who maintain the authenticity of the hand-written batik technique, making each design unique and unrepeatable. The beauty of the rich colors and fine details create a dazzling look, while the classic feel brings a timeless traditional charm.

This semi jas design is not only a garment, but also an expression of Indonesian culture and the beauty of fine art. The premium cotton material provides a coolness and softness that suits every occasion, making this semi jas the perfect choice to accentuate elegance and sophisticated style. Blending tradition with modern trends, this women’s semi jas symbolizes the beauty of cultural heritage passed on through high-quality and exclusive fashion.

Additional information


100% Cotton


Custom Pattern Batik

Batik Care Guide

To preserve the quality and vibrant colors of batik clothing, use a mild detergent or consider natural cleansers like "lerak" or shampoo. Wash batik items in cold water, turn them inside out, and air-dry in a shaded area to prevent color fading. Avoid using a dryer, and store batik clothing in a well-ventilated space, minimizing direct exposure to perfume. These simple steps ensure the longevity and timeless appeal of your batik garments.

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